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Who We Are

We believe in people and their unlimited potential. We support and nurture individuals into strong, innovative business-builders who are dedicated to leading more worthwhile and meaningful lives. Our unique business model assists you in unlocking the life you desire and provides you with an opportunity to achieve your financial goals.

"To uplift, encourage and inspire people from all walks of life to lead more worthwhile and meaningful lives."
Founders Val & Sandra Fittler, 1983

Pro-Ma Systems is one of Australia's largest, privately owned, family operated, Direct Sales Companies and has been a proud member of the DSAA since its beginning in 1983.

With hundreds of high quality products, over various ranges, we offer a viable business option for anyone.


How it Works

Pro-Ma offers you products direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. You can then use the products yourself and share them with others for a direct profit. We reward good business; so the more you sell, the more you earn. Plus, you can create an extra income stream when you build your own team. Simply share this business with others and you can earn money from their sales. Pro-Ma is renowned for continual support, making sure you get the most out of your business despite your experience level.

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There's never been a better time than now to start your own business. It's easier than you think. We have a burning passion for seeing others realise their potential. We are proud to have inspired a global community of supportive and driven individuals who strive for corporate success and personal prosperity.

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New Zealand

Proudly family owned & operated since 1983

Grace Cosmetics is in the process of updating our product packaging and in order to remain as sustainable as possible, you may continue to receive our current packaging. No matter what packaging you receive, you can be confident that all Grace Cosmetics goes through the same rigorous quality testing and meets full quality requirements.

Pro-Ma Systems is proud to be a full member of the Direct Selling Association of New Zealand and is committed to the DSANZ Code of Practice.
The DSANZ is an association of companies who sell products directly to consumers. It supports fair and proper trading practices
and is dedicated to defending and promoting the independent status of Distributors within the industry.

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